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What Is Pick, Pack, and Ship?

If you are in a product-based or eCommerce business, you know how challenging it can be to distribute your products. However, when you choose a fulfilment centre such as Lemonpath, we’ll handle the entire process for you with our pick, pack, and ship services. 

All you have to do is send us your inventory. We will store your products in one of our secure locations. Once we receive an order through our order fulfilment management system, we will locate the items, pack them, and ship them to the correct address.

If you want to outsource your pick, pack, and ship services in the UK, contact us today for a quote. 

Types of Items We Pick, Pack and Ship

At Lemonpath, we work across all industries to provide reliable, affordable co-packing, and shipping services. Some of the items we pick, pack, and ship includes:

  • Beauty products and cosmetics
  • Gift and subscriptions boxes
  • Health and Well being Products
  • Furniture
  • Fashion and Footwear

The Process

When it comes to our order fulfilment services, each step is equally important to ensure accurate delivery and customer satisfaction. Keep reading to see how the entire process works.

Step 1- Picking

Once we receive an order, we’ll start by picking the items needed from your inventory. This can include kitting or packaging certain items to create gift boxes, subscription boxes, or promotional packages.

Step 2 - Packing

After we have gathered and sorted everything, we will begin packaging your items. Our pickers monitor all packages to ensure that each one contains the necessary products for accurate order fulfilment. Next, they will label the packages for shipping.

Step 3- Shipping

Once our packers have confirmed that all the items are properly packed and labelled, they will send your packages to shipping. We carefully track all your inventory throughout the entire process to ensure efficient service. Then working with our Transport partners we send your package for delivery.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Lemonpath went above and beyond what was expected to make the roll out a success."
Senior Manager
"As a 14 year client, I can truly say that Lemonpath has never been better. Accurate pick and despatch, efficient computerized system information, but above all, dedicated staff and the best communication I have ever had from any supplier. I can only recommend."
Cyber checkout
Cyber checkout

Case Studies

We have been helping eCommerce businesses manage their logistics with ease for more than 17 years. Keep reading to see how we set our clients up for success.

Some of the ways we’ve helped our clients...

Why Choose Lemonpath?

Do you want to see why our clients continue to choose us? Keep reading to learn more. 

17 Years Experience & Counting

At Lemonpath, we have more than 17 years of experience helping eCommerce businesses pack and ship their products efficiently.

Fast Service

With locations all across England, Scotland, and Wales, we can deliver your products to 90% of the UK in under four hours.

350,000 Sq Feet of Warehousing

Due to our expansive warehousing capabilities, we can handle virtually any amount of inventory and easily manage your products during seasonal fluctuations in demand.

Over 15,000 Pallet Spaces

We designed each of our warehouses to maximise the use of space. This allows us to fit a combined 15,000 pallet spaces in our facility without sacrificing efficiency.

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