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What Is Cross-Dock andContainer Decanting?

Cross-dock is the practice of transferring products from the incoming shipment to the outgoing shipment with minimal or no warehousing. Cross-dock can be used to sort, consolidate, and otherwise modify inventory from the supplier before it can be sent to the distributor. 

This is known as container decanting. Contact us today for a quote if you need cross-dock and container decanting in the UK.

Types of Cross-Dock andContainer Decanting Services


Do you need to modify or sort your inventory en route to your distributors after it leaves your supplier?

At Lemonpath, we offer several types of cross-dock and container decanting services. Keep reading to learn more. 

Hub and Spoke Distribution Network

With our hub and spoke services, your goods will be delivered to a centralised location close to their final destinations. Then we will sort them for delivery to individual distributors. 


Our consolidation services are for shipments, where the distributor has ordered from multiple suppliers. We’ll consolidate all these orders into a single shipment so they can be delivered to your distributor in bulk. 


Sometimes, it makes more sense to break down larger orders into several smaller shipments to ensure safe delivery. This is ideal for more congested cities such as London that cannot accommodate larger delivery vehicles.

How Our Cross-Dock andContainer Decanting Services Work

Step 1- Receive Your Goods

Your suppliers will deliver your goods to one of our centrally located warehouses.

Step 2 - Sorting and Consolidating

Once we have your items, we will begin sorting and prepping them for delivery to your distributors.

Step 3- Delivery of Goods

After we sort your inventory, we will load them for delivery and send them to your customers or distributors.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Lemonpath went above and beyond what was expected to make the roll out a success."
Senior Manager
"As a 14 year client, I can truly say that Lemonpath has never been better. Accurate pick and despatch, efficient computerized system information, but above all, dedicated staff and the best communication I have ever had from any supplier. I can only recommend."
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Case Studies

Want to see how cross-dock and container decanting can help improve efficiency and reduce costs at your business? Check out our case studies.

Some of the ways we’ve helped our clients...

Why Choose Lemonpath?

Successful cross-dock and container decanting rely on prompt communication, careful planning, and comprehensive inventory tracking. See why our cross-dock services are an excellent choice for your business.

ImprovedCustomer Experience

Our cross-dock and container decanting services allow you to deliver your inventory to your distributors in the most efficient way. This reduces the chance of product loss, damage or unfulfilled deliveries.

ReducedShipping Costs

Cross-dock and container decanting also reduce shipping costs by combining orders into a single delivery.

Ideal forComplex Orders

In many instances, your distributors may place orders from suppliers worldwide. The cross-dock and container decanting process allows you to ensure that all your suppliers fulfilled those orders properly.


Because we manage your inventory en route to its destination, you can significantly reduce warehousing costs.

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