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What Are Goods-In?

Goods-in refers to the part of the logistic process where your inventory arrives at one of our warehouses. Once we receive your products, we will add tracking information before storing them in designated storage areas. This maximises efficiency and makes them easy to locate during the pick, pack, and shipping process. 

Types of Goods-In Services We Offer

At Lemonpath, our top priority is simplifying your entire logistics process from the moment your suppliers deliver your inventory to our warehouse. Our goods-in-services:

  • Are fully integrated into your inventory management systems
  • Include storage in your designated storage area
  • Offer full inventory tracking and monitoring

If you want to see how our goods-in services can improve your business operations, contact us today to speak to a team member. 

How Our Goods-In Services Work

Step 1- Receive Inventory

A team member will receive your inventory from your suppliers and review it to ensure that all your items have been accounted for.

Step 2 - Store Your Items

Once we have your items, we will store them in your designated storage facility. We have 15,000 pallets across 300,000 feet of warehouse space throughout the UK.

Step 3- Order Fulfilment

Once a customer places an order, we will pick, pack, and ship your order. We have warehouses located within a four-hour drive of 90% of the UK, allowing for fast delivery.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Lemonpath went above and beyond what was expected to make the roll out a success."
Senior Manager
"We partnered with Lemonpath to manage our warehousing and logistics more than 5 years ago and they continue to do a first-class job. We have over 100 SKUs in our proposition and our customer base is a mix of national retailers, smaller trade accounts and internet re-sellers such as Amazon. Each account requires different levels of customer service and the team at Lemonpath manage the business effectively and professionally."
Senior Manager

Case Studies

We have been helping eCommerce businesses manage their logistics with ease for more than 17 years. Keep reading to see how we set our clients up for success.

Some of the ways we’ve helped our clients...

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Picking, Packing, andShipping

In addition to receiving your goods, we offer full-service picking, packing, and shipping. Our systems are fully integrated into your ordering systems to ensure automated order fulfilment.

Labelling andBarcodes

Want to add professional labels and barcodes to your products? When you choose our labelling and barcode services, we will print and label all your products to ensure quality.


Our returns processing services are designed to help reduce costs and improve customer retention. Not only do we offer fast refunds and replacements, but we will also restock or repackage returned inventory if possible.


Our reverse logistics services are designed to manage any product flowing back into your business. This can include returns, items that need repairs, refurbishment, and more.

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