Choosing a Contract Packer

Contract Packing

What is Contract Packing:
Contract packing is when a retailer or manufacturer outsources their packing requirements to a third party.  Known as a Co-Packer, this company then handles the packing and redistribution of their products.  This is a business-to-business contract wherein the task of pre-retailing/packing/labelling/folding products is carried out by the Co-Packer on behalf of a client company.


When choosing a contract packer, you are developing a partnership.  As such, a contract packing partner must be able to demonstrate experience and ability to complete your requirements at a competitive rate which aligns with your time schedule and maintaining your quality standards.



LOCATION: Convenient location relative to your manufacturing and distribution facilities can provide cost savings.

EXPERIENCE: You are paying for expert packing skills, so make sure the Contract Packers you consider are equipped to deliver the service. Look into their current and past client experience.

STRONG ETHICS: You need to have complete confidence in the honesty and integrity of the Contract Packer you choose to work with.

COST: Both low and high quotes should be thoroughly studied, analyzed; and considered in relation to service that you expect to receive.

COMMUNICATION: A good Contract Packer will want to know all the details before offering options.  Brilliant thoughts and innovative solutions will do you no good if the contract packer doesn’t have the communication skills, they need to pass those ideas onto you and support delivery of them.

CONTROLS: Check Accreditations and reporting.  A good Contract Packer will have good analytical skills to help you develop a full and accurate picture.

PERSONALITY:  A good match of personalities between client and the Contract Packer is key to ensure a successful relationship.

How to Nominate a Contract Packer:

  • Provide full scope of requirements, so the Contract Packer has full understanding to the solution required.
  • Research professional Contract Packers for the specific expertise that you need.
  • Conduct a preliminary assessment from your chosen shortlist.
  • Ask Questions, obtain current/past client references.
  • Visit their premises in person to verify their experience matches your needs.