Boots Soap & Glory Tin Gift Set


Pack 135,000 units of Soap and Glory tin gift sets for the US market in order to help Boots sell the brand internationally, this would take the contract packing and shipping elements away from Boots allowing them to focus on other areas of their business and save them additional costs by outsourcing.


  • Receive all stock in and book into our WMS system
  • Allocate space for storage
  • Pull together a production plan to help achieve the outbound schedule of the customer


  • Allocate and secure staff and service support for the production run
  • Get our admin team to work closely with Boots export team to create customs clearance documentation
  • Store finished goods
  • Plan outbound schedule and load the outbound containers


  • Large volume of tins to store
  • Completed stock stored in house for many weeks post production


  • Large volumes of production required daily
  • Picking large volumes of pallets for the daily outbounds
  • Prepping stock for US market


  • Allocate floor and rack space within our 300,000 sq ft facilities
  • Manage our space ensuring space is available
  • Sourcing agency staff from our staffing partners to secure required numbers of staff
  • Dedicated warehouse staff to pick and load pallets
  • Weigh, wrap and add pallet ID labels to be in line with US shipping requirements

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